With any dental treatment, it’s important to consider the overall health of the patient. This is the basis of holistic dentistry, but don’t be fooled by buzz words – this is how every dentist at White Space Dental cares for their patients, because we believe in the importance of the mouth as a reflection of your overall health. Holistic dentistry isn’t a form of alternative medicine, it’s simply good dentistry!

An integrated approach to dentistry is the best way to ensure that we’re offering the most appropriate dental solutions to patients on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and beyond. The team at White Space Dental truly believe that a healthy mouth is strongly linked to your overall health – both in how you take care of it and what you put into it.

Your mouth is a window to your overall health

Your mouth is the gateway to your digestive tract and respiratory system, so it makes sense that signs of poor oral health can often indicate issues elsewhere in your body. In fact, more than 90% of all systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms. And the team at White Space Dental in Manly understand that each mouth is connected to a person, so we can’t ignore the rest of the body!
Not looking after your teeth can open the door to much more serious problems, and if you already suffer from a medical condition, it’s important to stay on top of regular check-ups because you’re already at a higher risk of developing oral health issues.

What does holistic dentistry look like in practice?

Holistic dentistry is a way of recognising that everything in our body is connected, which means we:

  • Consider any underlying health issues that may be affecting your oral health
  • Assess how any dental procedures could impact your overall health
  • Look after all aspects of your oral care, from routine cleanings to more complex procedures
  • Provide diagnosis, preventive care, and education about how diet and lifestyle choices affect your oral health
  • Collaborating with other health practitioners to improve your overall health

This holistic view of dentistry, understanding the links between oral health and general health, allows us to provide better long-term solutions for patients.

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