Did you know that diabetes affects over one and a half million people in Australia?

Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to many different symptoms that impact your general and oral health. You should have a dentist on your team for the fight against diabetes.

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While diabetes isn’t curable, the main four steps to treatment are to; normalise blood glucose levels, prevent complications, eliminate symptoms, and maintain ideal body weight. We can help you eliminate and prevent complications using regular check-ups and good communication.

Here’s some of the ways it links and how we can help you keep it under control:

Higher risk of gum disease, especially with smoking.

Did you know that diabetes can reduce your body’s ability to fight bacteria?

Gum disease becomes more severe for people with diabetes as your body is handicapped in its fight. Your healing will also be slower, putting you at risk. Periodontitis (gum disease) can also cause your blood sugar to rise, therefore making your diabetes harder to control. If you are Preventing gum disease is as easy as having regular cleanings and practicing proper oral hygiene.

Decay, dry mouth and its relationship with diabetes

Decay tends to happen due to other side effects of diabetes on your mouth. Gum disease and a lack of saliva (dry mouth) can leave teeth exposed with less saliva. Saliva protects your teeth against decay from many different acids in sugar starches. With your blood sugar raised, there is more acid wearing down your teeth but less saliva to protect it. Having good oral health can be crucial to curing dry mouth.


Diet is a necessary component of diabetes and we can assist with that. A poor nutritional plan could lead to gum disease, oral infections and dry mouth. A dentist should help with a nutritional plan that includes regular oral hygiene and dental treatment. Keeping your blood sugar within your target range will help your oral health as well.

Oral infections

Because diabetes can cause poor wound healing, you are more prone to infections. Thrush, a fungal infection that is commonly caused by high glucose levels in saliva, poor resistance, and dry mouth. It can result in discomfort and ulcers. We can help to get this under control with regular dental check-ups, good dental hygiene, and target blood glucose levels!

Regulating your diabetes is a life mission and we can help you and look for complications that may occur. Speak to our dentists today they are here to help!