Step into the future of oral care with White Space Dental’s AI-powered remote monitoring Invisalign solution.

Invisalign® was revolutionary when it hit the market in the last 1990’s, pioneering the invisible orthodontics market, but it’s about to get even better. White Space Dental are excited to partner with Dental Monitoring software, the latest cutting-edge orthodontic experience allowing us to offer you the very best dental care – from the comfort of your own home!

Laura holding Invisalign aligner

Step into the future of oral care with this AI-powered remote monitoring solution

The Dental Monitoring smartphone app can detect and monitor 130+ oral observations remotely through the use of artificial intelligence technology, allowing our dentists to monitor the progress of your Invisalign® treatment between appointments. This technological innovation allows us to work more effectively with our patients to help you achieve your perfect smile.

Dr Laura and the team at White Space Dental are innovators in the dental field, proud early adopters of technology as we strive to help optimise patient care and achieve the best results. Using the Dental Monitoring software enables a more thorough assessment of your condition, providing better dental care every step of the way.

How does it work?

At your consultation with our team, we will make a digital model of your smile. We’ll use this to compare the treatment progress in the weekly smile selfies you send us through the Dental Monitoring app.

If your Invisalign® treatment is going well, we will communicate directly through the app and won’t need to see you at our practice. In fact, we may even be able to speed up your treatment time!

What are the benefits?

  • The treatment is customised especially for your needs
  • Better control over the movement of your teeth
  • Regular remote communication can speed up treatment based on your mouth’s response to the Invisalign® aligners
  • Appointments are easy and convenient, with the White Space Dental team already having all the information we need in real-time
  • Increased access to our expertise, as you can communicate with us at any time
  • Less time at our practice and more time doing the things you love!

Your teeth. Your face. Your smile. Your space.

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