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Teeth Whitening is a hot topic and with all the fads and confusing information out there, we want to set the record straight when it comes to whitening treatment and what you need to know.

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Dangers of at home teeth whitening kits:

One size fits all

At home products are made for everybody and therefore, they cannot alter a product to fit your mouth. Whether that’s knowing that you have sensitive teeth and can’t take too much of a certain product or knowing that you have a veneer and recommending an option in which you can protect your veneer, and get your teeth whitened.

Extreme chemical reactions

Chemical reactions can cause burns and ulcers to your gums. This cannot be managed by a dentist, while our take home whitening kits are customised to your mouth and can be managed by a dentist, who understands your teeth and your mouth. There is also concern that you could ingest bleach accidently during this process, especially with mass produced teeth whitening kits.

Low quantity of whitening agent

While take home teeth whitening kits may slightly whiten your teeth, they use low amounts of the teeth whitening agent that works to whiten your teeth. That’s why it takes multiple sessions to reach your ideal shade of white.

Alternatives we can offer

At White Space Dental in Manly, we offer professional teeth whitening treatment alternatives, so you can have a pearly white smile that’s safe for your mouth.

Take Home Whitening
In-Chair Whitening

  1. Take Home Whitening allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, over 10 days-2 weeks, with great results.
  2. In Chair Whitening is a 60-90min appointment giving you instantly amazing results.

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