Dental implants are THE gold standard when replacing missing teeth. We can replace one, multiple or all your teeth. We place implants below the gum in the jawbone. This implant is then used to secure new teeth.

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7 Reasons why you should choose dental implants:

  1. Eat anything! With Implants, they are strong enough to eat anything. You don’t have to be worried about sliding dentures being embarrassing or inconvenient. Go back to enjoying steak and apples!
  2. With good care, dental implants last many years. They are made of titanium and made mimic natural teeth – they’ll last like regular teeth.
  3. Speak normally again. Other options that allow you to replace your teeth can alter the way you speak – causing you to mispronounce some words. Implants act like normal teeth, so you can speak like you would naturally.
  4. Prevents bone loss. Your jawbone needs stimulation, your teeth provide this. When you lose teeth, it can sometimes not maintain itself as it’s not getting the stimulation it needs. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that deals with this, allowing your jaw to be strong and healthy.
  5. Leave your healthy teeth alone. Dental implants are fused to your jawbone, rather than using your adjacent teeth as anchors, like fixed bridges do. This means we can leave your healthy teeth alone, and you will have easier access to cleaning between your teeth.
  6. Boost your confidence with our implants. We use 3D technology to create and place implants that are a perfect match (size, shape, and colour). You’ll look the best you ever have, and no-one will know what teeth are implants.
  7. Stop the shift. You’ll stop your remaining teeth from shifting out of place which means your teeth will also be straighter than if you didn’t get implants!

At White Space Dental we want you to be able to smile with confidence and can help you get the smile of your dreams. We can even use technologies to design a smile, using pictures of other smiles or previous smiles you had. We just want you to have the smile you want. Contact us today.

Dr Laura Smit

Dr Laura Smit has completed extensive training specifically in the area of implants and smile design. She is a master clinician in implants and Digital Smile Design. She is aware of all the contributing factors that are necessary to provide exceptional results for you and your smile.

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