1. Initial consultation: We will take photos and scans of your teeth and smile and assess your suitability for Inivisalign treatment. We will then talk you through the treatment process and any additional treatment they may be required to achieve your desired result. Finally, we will provide you with a quote and any relevant information.
  2. Ordering aligners: Once you accept our quote and pay your deposit, we will then order your aligners. Which normally take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
  3. First appointment to start Invisalign treatment: In this appointment, we will place small attachments on your teeth, perform any IPR and show you how to take your aligners in and out. We will also show you how to use the Dental Monitoring App.

From here you will continue to wear your aligners 22hrs/day and change them as directed. Once you get to the end of your treatment, we will book your final appointments to arrange your retention wires + final night retainers.

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