The cost of dental implants can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the number of teeth being replaced and if any pre-implant procedures, such as bone or gum grafts are required. On average the costs are as follows:

Single Dental Implant + Crown : $5,500-$6000

Bone/gum graft : $600-$1500

Temporary Healing tooth options are often included in the price, however in some cases they can increase the price depending on the aesthetic demands and the individual circumstance. $500-$1000.

Full set of teeth on implants: From $18,500 -$30,000 per arch.

For full set of new teeth on implants, we will most often perform this under IV sedation or General anaesthetic, which is an additional cost.

Most dental insurance plans will cover some of the costs of dental implants, if you have major dental included. At White Space Dental we offer payment plans to make the procedure more affordable. We will discuss the cost of your dental implant plan with you during your consultation.

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