Our children’s dentists and oral health therapists at White Space Dental in Manly are dedicated to instilling lifelong optimal dental health practices in your child.

Our clinic in Manly has been carefully designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that children form positive impressions of dentists and dental check-ups. With extensive experience catering to the dental needs of children across all age groups, our dentists and oral health therapists will also offer advice on preventive measures to strengthen their teeth’s defence against plaque. If your child hasn’t visited a dentist in the past six months or you suspect they require a procedure, schedule an appointment with White Space Dental today.

Kids Dentist Manly

While milk teeth are temporary, they play a crucial role in enabling children to eat, speak, and support the growth of their jaws. Due to their smaller tooth size and often sugary diets, children face a heightened risk of tooth decay and cavities compared to adults. 

When you schedule a children’s dental appointment at White Space Dental, our dentists and oral health therapists will conduct a thorough examination of your child’s oral health, identifying any potential issues. Based on the findings, we’ll suggest necessary corrective or preventive measures. Additionally, we provide valuable insights and tips to both children and parents on daily dental care practices.

Dental Care for Children

During your visit with our children’s dentists and oral health therapists at White Space Dental in Manly, we’ll ensure you’re fully informed about the procedures we provide and what to expect during your child’s examination. We’re always eager to address any enquiries from both you and your children.

Children’s Dental Treatments

Welcoming Atmosphere 

Our primary goal is to ensure children feel at ease during their dental appointments. Our children’s dentists and oral health therapists at White Space Dental are friendly and easily approachable. Leveraging the latest technology, we aim to make examinations and procedures swift and as non-intrusive as possible.

Guidance on Oral Care 

Should we observe that your child’s brushing and flossing habits need improvement, we’ll showcase the correct methods and provide additional oral care tips. We’ll also discuss their dietary habits to identify potential areas for enhancement.

Evaluation for Orthodontic Needs 

Beyond ensuring the health of their teeth and gums, we’ll evaluate the alignment of your child’s teeth. If we identify issues like misalignment or crowding, orthodontic interventions might be suggested to avert future complications.

Fluoride Applications 

Fluoride acts as a shield against tooth decay. During your child’s routine check-up and cleaning, we can administer an appropriate amount of fluoride to their teeth, reducing the risk of cavities.

Fissure Sealants 

The molars of children often possess tiny crevices that can harbour bacteria. By applying fissure sealants, we can seal these grooves, creating a protective layer against decay. These sealants also gradually release fluoride, further fortifying their teeth.

Custom Sports Mouthguards 

Children’s teeth can be vulnerable during sports and recreational activities. Our team can craft a tailor-made mouthguard, offering superior protection for their growing teeth compared to off-the-shelf options.

When Should Kids Visit the Dentist? 

We recommend scheduling your child’s first dental appointment around the age of 3, or sooner if any issues or trauma arise. Subsequently, biannual visits are recommended, allowing your child’s dentist to keep a close watch on their dental health and identify potential issues at the earliest.\

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